Jain Shikanji Masala – 250 Grams

Shikanji is healthy lemon drink and Shikanji Masala is used to prepare this Shikanji drink at home. The main S of this drink is that it refreshed you and eradicates all your tiredness at a go. It comes with all natural ingredients like black salt, white salt, black pepper, harad, longclove, roasted cumin seed and Nuasadar. It is mainly popular in north India and a wellknown drink served as homemade sharbat in and Madhya radesh.
ell, in this regard Jains shikanji masala is regarded as one of the most revered shikanji masala in the market. However, there are other brands that also produce the same kinds of drink, but those are not so popular.
ell, another most important aspect of Sikanji is that it comes with a number of health benefits as well. It helps in balancing the electrolytes in our body which are lost due to perspiration during summers. And being a refreshing lemon drink that is prepared with spices so it also works as a coolant and also improves our digestive system.


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