About Jain Shikanji Masala, Over Histroy, Innovation and love for Shikanji

About Us

Absolutely Authentic and High Quality Jain Shikanji Masala

jain-shikanjiBeginning as a food company, our Shikanji masala got the impetus to start the production and distribution of Shikanji masala masalas on the request of the people that highly liked the Shikanji masala and desired to cook the food with the same taste in their own kitchens. Besides being a food giant, our Shikanji masala has today become one of the leading producer and distributor masalas.

Shikanji masala is highly praised as well as sold under the well known trade mark of “Jain Shikanji Masala” Over the last several years the trade marks our “Jain Shikanji Masala” has become so admired that it is not only well known in Modinagar as well as surrounding areas too.

Since 1957, our company, Shikanji masala has won the heart and trust of the people as far as the authenticity of Indian spices is concerned. Shikanji masala Masalas have almost synonymous to the authentic spices with the potentials to render due taste to the Indian as well as the kitchens worldwide. The truth behind the success of Jain Shikanji Masala is that its the most tastiest and digestive Masala and in masala only use natural ingredients,  formulated by Jain Sahib many decades ago Jain Shikanji Masala is majorly used as

  • Masala in Curd (Raita),
  • Fruits Salads,
  • Vegetable Salads,
  • Fried Cashew & Almonds,
  • Juices,
  • Chips and Shikanji.

shikanjviBeginning with the production of food items, the experts at Shikanji masala realized with the passage of time that the customers highly acclaimed their food because their ability to use the authentic spices in a required manner. This led the experts to start producing the authentic masalas that could do wonders with the kitchens in the households as well as those of restaurants, hotels, and of any other places. Gradually, the Shikanji   Masalas came to be regarded as the most authentic masalas that could give the real taste.

Today, the Shikanji   Masalas are in use in every kitchen looked after by the people desiring to create an authentic and delicious taste. The Shikanji masalas have become the integral part of every household kitchen. A kitchen without Jain Shikanji Masalas is certainly incomplete in some ways.

Unlike many other companies dealing with the Indian spices, we did not start directly dealing with the production and distribution of the masalas. We started the pursuits in Indian spices after doing experiments with the masalas with the food created in its own kitchens. Truly speaking, the Shikanji   masalas are different from that of the other companies in the sense that the masals produced here are tried and tested.

Many of the people may misunderstand it thinking that our Shikanji masala is primarily a masala company. However, the same is not true. Shikanji masala is originally a food company and it produces and markets the masalas with the view to enable the people to prepare the food of the same taste in their home kitchens.